The Pivot-ES podcast seeks to boost nonprofit organizations, social companies and corporations with socially responsible initiatives. The podcast convenes leaders undertaking social initiatives in different industries that foster a culture of health with inclusion and diversity to learn about their experiences. Through this platform, and with the help of these entrepreneurs, we’re bringing about a change in the way we live and work that focuses on people’s well-being. Our audience seek idea and practical solutions that bring to bring these concepts into action and achieve sustainable results. In the end, we want to promote healthy lifestyles for everyone.

Music and Co-conducts:


Martín López is a musician, percussionist and teacher at the Juan Peña Reyes School of Music in Humacao, Puerto Rico, on the Island's southeastern coast. 


Iván Ayala Perales is a musician, and expert educator of classical guitar, Puerto Rican "Cuatro" and electric bass. He is an entrepreneur and founder of the Jarana Musical Academy in Aguas Buenas, Puerto Rico, part of the Island's interior.


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