Our Programs


The foundation builds on its core areas through the following programs:


  •                                         - aims to maximize the capabilities of the leader in inclusive communications and leadership; data collection and analysis and technology integration; and learning about the social business model. The accelerator's curricular model integrates professional education on diversity, inclusion and equity through media and social networks; data management and project design for social entrepreneurship.

  • Social Xchange - aims to offer a cultural experience through learning and exchanging working models with proven results in social impact, in national and international destinations. They are ecosystems that have proven social innovation characteristics. The organizations participating in the accelerator will be evaluated and those with outstanding performance (between three to five groups) will be selected to participate in this experience in various locations identified outside of Puerto Rico.

  • ChangeMaker Passport - is intended to offer a job internship in and outside of Puerto Rico for future leaders. Participants will gain experience in the areas of: data management programs, podcast media and digital marketing, and ethics and finance in participating nonprofits and social enterprises.


The ChangeMaker Foundation is committed to the professional development of work teams that lead non-profit organizations or social enterprises. Get to know our portfolio of impacted entities since 2021. They are our Leading Pivot seal.

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